Ombili History

History Outline of Ombili Foundation

Ombili foundation was established in March 1989, in a place called Omauni base that was situated in the northern part of Namibia. It was 20km from Angolan border, east of Okongo.

After the South African war against swapo ended, Mr. Willem Ratter, Mr. Klaus Mais-Rische and Mr. Reinhard Friendrich came up with an idea on how they could assist the deprived group of San people who were living around the Omauni base of Olukula, Ombongola, Okanyandi and Otjiolo. At the end of November 1989, Mr. Klause Maise-Rische decided to relocate with this San people to a different place. They moved to a place called Depete where they stayed for couple of days. Three weeks later, they moved again to another place called Domusis until June 1990. From there onwards, Mr. Mais-Rische than decided to bring the San people to his own farm Hedwigslust which is today called Ombili. I was one of the guys who drove this indigenous group to Ombili. It was a long and exhausting journey.

Written by: 

Joao Ndumba


The San people

One of the oldest ethnic group found in Namibia. They were known as the first people to live in Namibia. The SAN- also known as bushmen, a ethnic group in great danger of losing their cultural and social identity.


Ombili crafts - new objects

The projects includes production of wickerwork from palm leaves, carvings from tamboti and other woods, jewelry using porcupine bristles and ostrich eggshells, stuffed animals for mobiles filled with wild cotton grown on the Ombili site, use of giraffe bone parts for the tusks of elephants and warthogs and much more. For many San people, this is the  only way to earn money and, for some its an additional income.

As a rule, the foundation buys crafts twice a month, which are then sent to Germany or offered to tourists here in the cultural center.

Its a daily job for many San people. At the end of every month, a lot of well structured and beautiful crafts are produced and sold. You will find different types of crafts made by the San people who are trying to make money for a living.

Anyone, anywhere in Namibia can purchase and we will immediately send them to you.

The quality and creativity of the articles has constantly improved and the San excel with new ideas.

She is building a basket

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Visits to Ombili can be arranged by sending an email to ombili office. Email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tell: +264 (67) 230050

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Association not for gain.

Ombili Foundation Management

Mr Willem du Plessis  

General Manager

Tel: +264 (67) 230050

Mr. Joao Ndumba 

Manager of Special Projects and Logistics, Garden, Farm and Maintenance

Tel: +264 (67) 230050
Cell: +264 (81) 3644892


Mrs. Leone du PLessis

Manager of Finance, Control of Hostel affairs, Crafts and General sales

Tel : +264 (67) 230050
Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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