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Primary School

Little history about the Primary School

Ombili Primary School was built to provide education to the san people in Ombili. As time passed, other kids staying in neighboring farms and other kids from other towns started attending school at Ombili Primary School. Its uniform changed from green shirts and white trousers to blue and grey uniform. Currently, Ombili primary school has classes starting from grade 1 to grade 7. Those learners who complete grade 7 are send to the nearest high schools. These high schools are in Tsumeb, namely: Otjikoto S.S.S, Etosha S.S.S and T.S.S. Some learners attend high school in tsumkwe.


Ombili Primary Sends out teaching posts when teachers are lacking at the school. Any qualified teachers are welcome to apply. 

Teachers are provided with accommodation by Ombili. There are shared apartments and single person apartments. Renting fee varies according to the flat given. Prices will be communicated to you upon arrival.