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Members of Management

Willem du Plessis

General Manager

Joao Ndumba

Manager of Special Projects and Logistics, Garden, Farm and Maintenance.

Leone du Plessis

Manager of Finance, Control of Hostel Affairs Crafts and General Sales

Management Assistants

Gabriel David

General, Sponsorships and Tourism

Erica Nases

Pre-school Education, Hostel and Adults Education

Representative of the board of directors (Germany)

Dr. med. habil. Rüdiger von Versen, D.M.Sc. 

An der Wildbahn 41

Ombili Board Directors

Dr. Rudiger von Versen

Acting Chairman (Surgeon, Germany)

Louis du Plessis

Deputy Chairman (Farmer, Namibia)

Alet Bosch

(Project Hope, Namibia)

Gerson H. Kamatuka

(Public Service Commissioner, Office of the Vice President, Namibia)

Heike Schydlo

(Social Education Worker, Germany)

Andre Struwig

(School Principle, Tsumeb, Namibia)